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Powering real estate
with AI-driven analytics and
real-time insights

Plunk is the world's first and only real-time, AI-driven property valuation platform—revolutionizing the way homeowners, real estate professionals, and investors value and invest in residential real estate.

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The next generation of home valuation is dynamic

Home values, local markets, and even home buyer behaviors are all dynamic. Plunk individually tracks over 104 million homes in real time—to deliver a new level of comprehensiveness and transparency.

Homes themselves are also dynamic and their values are changing every day. Plunk leverages both real estate and non-real estate data—along with the power of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, image analysis, and mobile technology—to capture the dynamic value of a single home, a trade area, a key segment, and the entire market to keep you ahead of even the fastest-moving markets.

Plunk powers more fully-informed decisions, at lightning speed.

Home valuation, evolved

Not only does Plunk provide the current, dynamic value of every home, but we also provide the future, remodeled value of every home. Imagine knowing both the costs and impact on value of a remodel project before committing.

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Unfortunately, AI-driven models all too often act as mysterious algorithms that operate with an undisclosed set of rules. Plunk’s valuations come with a detailed comparative analysis and clear explanations—including the specific factors that both increase and limit a home’s value.

More insights. More confidence.  Better decisions. Search for and explore homes using the most advanced, AI-driven valuation tools.

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Anytime, anywhere—
always at your fingertips

Want a more accurate value? Provide additional facts, edit existing details, or simply upload pictures of the home and Plunk provides an immediate, updated valuation.

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The next generation
of real estate analytics is
real-time and accessible

Where housing data is turned into real-time, actionable insights

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The first dynamic, real-time, accessible home analytics platform

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Melissa Boucher

Award-winning Real Estate Agent

Mercer Island / Seattle / Eastside

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