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The first mobile app designed to help
you grow your
home equity


Take control of
your most
valuable asset

When you think about your most valuable investment, your savings, stocks, bonds, or your 401K probably come to mind. Turns out, if you're like most Americans, the equity in your home is your largest asset.

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up to 70% of your
net worth is in
your home


Make smart financial decisions
about your home

Get a real-time

With just a few iPhone snapshots, Plunk goes beyond the standard comps, taking specific aspects of your home and factoring in the upgrades—made over the years, or just a week ago—to provide you with a more accurate home value. All in real time.  

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Discover which
factors drive your
home's value

With the help of advanced analytics, Plunk breaks down which aspects of your home increase or decrease its value, and by how much—relative to other homes in the area.


Realize your home's
greatest potential

By breaking down the potential equity increase for each home upgrade, Plunk recommendations help you build towards your home’s maximum potential worth, project by project.  


Finally, a free app
that shows you how
to reach your home's
potential value

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Get Plunk

We're building the first mobile app that
helps you grow your home.

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