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Increase  your home value with the right projects and partners

Unlock your home's maximum potential worth with the power of advanced analytics

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How to increase your home value:
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Real Time Valuation

Get instant and accurate home valuation

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Best Projects

Review remodeling projects with the greatest returns

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Fast Funding

Apply for a simple home renovation loan in minutes

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Trusted Pros

Get connected with a verified contractor

All on your phone. Get Plunk.

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Get a real-time valuation

It's about time you had access to instant home valuation! By taking a few snapshots with your phone, Plunk goes beyond outdated appraisals and guesstimates, and it factors in the upgrades—made over the years, or just last week—to provide you with a more accurate home valuation.

All in real time.

Choose the best
projects to tackle

Need a Zoom room? Want to upgrade your bathroom? Or, are you dreaming of a gourmet kitchen? With the help of hyper local analytics, Plunk identifies the best remodeling projects—based on the improvements that will most impact your home's value and provide the greatest returns.

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Fund your next home improvement project

Start investing in your home today.


Apply for a simple loan in minutes and finance your next remodeling project—all through your phone.

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Connect with a
trusted contractor

Know which projects you want to tackle? Great! You've got home renovation experts at your fingertips. We'll help you find a local contractor who can get the job done right and within your budget.

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Get Plunk

Finally, a mobile app to help you grow your home
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