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Brian Pohl

 / Principal Data Engineer


Brian Pohl is Plunk's Principal Data Engineer, responsible for architecting, automating, and optimizing Plunk's data pipeline. He has built data warehouses and ETL pipelines for companies in roughly a dozen industries, including manufacturing, senior living, and software. His background is most heavily focused in SQL and data modeling, but he's worked along the entire data spectrum, from DevOps all the way to dashboard and metric design. Thousands of people in organizations of all sizes have used systems Brian built to automate and inform their decisions.


Brian came to Plunk after his time as a Senior Data Engineer at Convoy, a digital freight brokerage pioneering ML solutions in a traditionally low-tech industry. There, Brian founded and led the data engineering team as they not only built out the data pipeline, but created data governance and security products from scratch. Before Convoy, Brian spent nearly 6 years working at Decisive Data, a business intelligence consultancy. Rising up from a support analyst position, Brian became a data platform developer and eventually a data platform team lead, where he established and taught data warehousing best practices.


Brian has an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington in Business Administration, with concentrations in Information Systems and Marketing. He grew up in the Seattle area, having lived there for over 20 years after moving from New Jersey as a child. When he's not geeking out about data and automation, Brian can be found training with his horse for eventing, bouldering, taking photos, or relaxing at home with his dog and cats.

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