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For many homeowners, their net worth is largely tied to their home. And while a home is first and foremost a place to live, it’s also an investment, and therefore should be treated like one.

Stealthy Bellevue startup Plunk wants to help homeowners learn more about the value of their home, and point them to the home improvement projects that are worth investing in to drive that value up.

In the shift to a more technologically minded industry, some professionals might wonder if open houses are still a necessary part of the process, especially with social distancing still in place. "Open houses humanize housing," states Plunk's managing director, Mike Shapiro.

Will that bathroom remodel increase your home’s value by more than $20,000? What about replacing the floors or adding a garage? How about the bad traffic that’s getting worse around your neighborhood?


A stealthy Seattle-area startup wants to help answer these questions and more. Plunk is revealing more details about its app that helps homeowners play “what if” scenarios to figure out what might drive the value of their home up or down. The app uses image processing, AI, and machine learning to assess the condition of a home and recommend specific remodeling projects that can increase its value.

Some people only have one employable skills, but today’s guest has done a lot: Mike Shapiro has been an entrepreneur, investor, corporate coach and author. Mike talks about why he approaches life and work with a commitment to joy: the joy he finds in helping others and the joy they experience when they realize that success is achievable.


About Mike Shapiro:
Mike is an entrepreneur, investor, corporate coach and Forbes book author whose risk-inclined and results-oriented methods help individuals and organizations leverage insights for stellar results, including building his multi-billion-dollar business. He is also a co-founder, and managing director with plunkTM, a Seattle-based real estate, financial services technology startup.

Brian Lent and David Bluhm are teaming up again on another startup.

The veteran Seattle entrepreneurs who previously sold Medio Systems to Nokia in 2014 are back it again with a stealthy advanced analytics startup called Lamda.

Lent and Bluhm, who have two other unnamed co-founders, have raised $1 million as part of a larger seed round from investors including Unlock Venture Partners, a new early-stage firm in Seattle co-led by Andy Liu, and have assembled a team of eight employees.

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