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Real estate in real time
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Easy to integrate
Add Plunk’s data to your website and apps easily, starting with simple APIs and sample code
Plunk: easy to integrate
Retrieve up-to-the-second home valuations and the latest local market insights using our REST APIs
Plunk: real time
Our AI/ML tracks current market dynamics, including changes in valuation down to the parcel
Plunk: dynamic data

Explore Plunk's REST APIs

Integrate our advanced real estate analytics in your app:

Plunk Home Value™

Delivers real-time valuation for
104+ million homes nationwide

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Plunk Value Drivers™

Explains how a property's characteristics are affecting its current market value

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Home Compare

Provides statistics on how a home compares against others in the neighborhood

Home compared to 91436Asset 50.png

Plunk Remodel Value™

Introduces a new metric that uncovers a home's upside or potential value with certain upgrades

Plunk Remodel ValueAsset 51.png
RealTime Market Insights-Use Case-revised CLIP Nov2023Asset 60.png

Real-Time Market Insights™

Tracks ZIP code-level market insights
through key housing metrics

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