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Supercharging the future of real estate with real-time financial insights

Real-time Market Insights

Track any neighborhood, local housing market, or real estate segment in real time

Access a suite of key performance metrics that track and capture the local, regional, and overall market performance—in real time.

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Plunk Home Value™

Looking for a more comprehensive and reliable AVM?

Plunk’s proprietary Automated Valuation Model provides an up-to-the-minute estimated value for over 104 million homes nationwide. We achieve a high hit rate and accuracy through a unique blend of highly rated valuation models. This forms the baseline for Plunk’s derivative features, including refined and remodel values, but can also be used standalone via API access.

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Real-time Market Insights
Plunk Home Value
Home Ticker

Home Ticker

Do you really know what this property is worth? Right now? 

At any given point in time, you can get an accurate value of your favorite stocks. Yet you don't have access to the same type of real-time data on a property's current value. Plunk's Home Ticker is updated continuously—24 hours a day. 

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Plunk Refined Value™

Plunk introduces the first real-time valuation tool—the first way to edit home details to update a valuation.

Using Plunk’s real-time, user-generated valuations, you can correct the facts of a home’s interior and exterior spaces, such as a garage or bathroom addition, or a new deck—including a revision to the home’s square footage.

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Plunk Remodel Value™

How much could it be worth, with the right upgrades?

Plunk introduces a new metric to the housing market, one that uncovers a home's upside or potential value—based on the increased value impact from the top home improvement projects calculated for each property. Plunk's recommendations are specific to an individual home, not just based on general trends.

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Value Drivers

Why is this home's value less than the neighbor's?

With Value Drivers, discover which factors, characteristics, and features drive a home's value up or down.

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Project Recommendations

Know which home renovation projects increase home values

Plunk analyzes each home individually and recommends the top projects for each property. You also get detailed information on each project—including both the project's specific cost and its immediate impact on home value.

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Home Compare

Why is the house across the street worth more than this one?

Discover how a home compares with others in the neighborhood, including facts like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and stories—plus finished square footage, year built, and home condition. Through Home Compare, Plunk provides additional insights about a home in comparison to other properties in the area—specifically how its features stack up against others of the same property type within the same ZIP code.

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Market Tickers

What were the best performing real estate markets today? 

Plunk tracks the total aggregate market value for each major trade area and segment in real time—allowing you to see their relative performances.

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Plunk Refined Value
Plunk Remodel Value
Project Recommendations
Value Drivers
Market Tickers
Home Compare

Who benefits from Plunk's
real-time home analytics

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Grow your home™

Turning housing data into digestible metrics, so homeowners have access to predictive and actionable insights

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Real estate professionals

Equipping real estate professionals with more accurate and user-friendly financial analysis tools, to propel their businesses forward

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Empowering real estate investors with sophisticated market insights and greater access to the largest asset class in the world

Lenders and InsurersAsset 6.png

and Insurers

Delivering smarter insights to analyze and mitigate home investment risks with

AI-driven tools

Get ahead and move faster with real-time home analytics

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Dustin Gray / Founder and CEO

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