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What makes Plunk different?

Plunk uniquely leverages advanced analytics to revolutionize the way we value and invest in residential real estate

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Dynamic valuation is the next evolution in home valuation

Through dynamic valuation, Plunk captures the facts and reflects the changes in a home—as well as the many additional factors that affect the value of residential real estate. A property’s age, condition, finish grade, features, recent upgrades, lot size, and neighborhood all influence a home’s value, but so do the changes in buyer sentiment and affordability—influenced by interest rates, changes in lifestyle, trends in inventory, and wages across local and national markets.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, image analysis, and mobile technology, Plunk accounts for all these factors… in real time. Plunk also models the future value impact of remodeling projects, including the specific projects which produce the best financial outcomes.

Plunk redefines the way we value and invest in the residential real estate market

Our mobile technology

The most advanced analytics are always at your fingertips

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Plunk’s mobile app utilizes advanced image analysis and proprietary Artificial Intelligence to correlate images of a home’s condition, finish quality, and key features to calculate value in its local market. Plunk’s condition and finish quality scores are consistent with the Uniform Appraisal Code.

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Where and how much should you invest in your home? Through advanced analytics, Plunk identifies specific remodeling projects that will have the most significant impact on a home's value and provide the greatest returns.

Value Drivers™ explain which factors drive a home's value up or down.

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Simple access for all

Plunk makes it simple to access our dynamic, real-time data

Access Plunk's entire suite of real-time analytics through embeddable widgets or developer APIs. Plunk empowers real estate professionals looking to automate updates to listing platforms, apps, or websites—as well as homeowners, flippers, rental owners, and investors—to make better investing decisions.

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Darren Winston

Award-winning Real Estate Agent

Seattle / Los Angeles

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