How does it work?

Plunk leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze each home at a hyper-local level and make specific recommendations to help you increase your home's value. This includes home-specific remodeling projects and personalized recommendations.


Brilliant idea. I own a home in Montlake, a 1912 craftsman, and am in the middle of a major renovation.


—  Matthew H.

My father in-law is a real-estate fanatic with a few homes. I can't wait to show him this!


—  Peter B.

A much-needed app.


—  Cameron C.


Okay, so you've got a home. A mortgage. But, do you really understand what you have in equity? It's not the purchase price of the house. It's not how much it would sell for 'today.' Equity fluctuates—almost like the stock market—except you can dramatically impact that graph. Plunk shows you how you can increase the value of your home—and with it, your personal net worth. 

I still don't get it....

Plunk provides homeowners with real-time analysis and recommendations—in a digestible way, through a mobile app—so you can use that info to optimize the value of your home.

Expert, data-driven suggestions on modifications to your home, from simple to complex and with calculated ROI, to really drive your home's value. And all the while, you're living with and enjoying those 'upgrades.' How often does that kind of investment change your life in real time?

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Finally, a mobile app to help you grow your home
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