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Company Director

David Bluhm

 / Co-Founder and President


David has spent the past 36 years starting and growing technology companies. In a variety of founder, director and senior operational roles, David has been involved in over 20 start-ups that have achieved a combined “high water” equity value of over $36 billion, including 2 IPOs and 7 company acquisitions—four of which valued over $100M.


Bluhm is Co-Founder and President of Plunk, an advanced analytics company revolutionizing the way homeowners, home experts, and investors value and invest in residential real estate—through the power of AI, Machine Learning, and image analysis.

Under his leadership, the Plunk team is building a Dynamic Valuation Model™ , which tracks an individual home’s price in real time and represents a new level of both comprehensiveness and transparency. For decades, Bluhm has been a huge proponent of real-time transparency and digital accessibility within the real estate industry, and he finds particular gratification in now being able to bring that to fruition with Plunk.

Bluhm’s first introduction to residential real estate involved working with the National Association of Realtors in 1995 to develop the original business plan for (the predecessor to both and

Prior entrepreneurial roles include Founder and CEO at DropForge Games (acquired by Wargaming), Co-founder and Chairman of Z2Live (acquired by, Co-Founder of Medio Systems (acquired by Nokia), CEO and Chairman of GoTV Networks (acquired by Phunware), CEO of WUF Networks (acquired by Yahoo!), Co-Founder and President of HandsOn Mobile (acquired by Millennium Capital), CEO of NearMe, Co-Founder of 2WAY Corporation, Co-Founder of, Co-Founder of WorldVoice (acquired by Motorola) and Director of Sales and Marketing at Mammoth Productions (acquired by The Washington Post).

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Corporate roles include Senior Business Development Manager for Motorola, VP Sales at Mosaix International (from inception through IPO) and VP Sales and Marketing at Davox Corporation (NASADAQ: DVX), and a senior sales role at Hewlett-Packard.

Bluhm is a Smithsonian Laureate, co-author of multiple patents, recipient of multiple product awards, regular speaker at industry events, and an industry expert witness. Bluhm received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington and certificates in both Leadership Change and Organizational Renewal (LCOR) and Executive Leadership from the Stanford Business School Executive MBA Program.

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