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Core innovation team

Kat Winston

 / Head of Marketing


Katherine Winston has been a founder, marketer, and educational content producer working at the confluence of technology, finance, real estate, and entertainment for over 20 years. She has helped entrepreneurs and startups through financing, growth, acquisition, and IPO stages. Katherine joined Plunk’s founding team to help secure funding, build brand awareness and execute on growth strategies.


As co-founder of Winston | Baker, the global leader in finance, entertainment, and technology conferences, Katherine propelled the growth of tech startups, production companies, and specialty funds. She also led marketing and communications for a Sotheby’s International REALTOR® who has been ranked in the top 1% nationwide year after year, for over a decade. Earlier in her career, Katherine held key marketing roles at startups that saw successful exits, including RealD, a visual technology company which went public, and GoTV Networks, a pioneering mobile television company that was acquired by Phunware. She also produced content on market trends and educational events for the Alternative Investment Group at Strategic Research Institute (SRI), with a focus on finance, real estate, defense & aerospace, and emerging technologies.


Katherine earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with honors from the University of Washington. She also recently completed a Wharton Executive Program on Business Analytics. She is a Member of Phi Beta Kappa, the National Association of Professional Women, and Women in Proptech. As a fervent advocate and community organizer for underrepresented voices, she is dedicated to helping POC and female executives fuel their development and growth as entrepreneurs and leaders.

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