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Core innovation team

Maggie Weatherly

 / Data Scientist


Maggie Weatherly joined the Plunk team as the company’s first data engineer. From building ETL pipelines for national data sets and working on back-end API development to feature engineering ML models, Maggie wears many hats at Plunk. 


Most recently, Maggie was a lead technologist at Circinus Worldwide, which delivers custom big data and open-source analytic enterprises for the next generation of AI. She also worked as a technologist focused on precision mapping and geospatial foundation for Maxar, a leading-edge company in space technology and intelligence. Earlier in her career, Maggie was a java developer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and was nicknamed “The Fixer” at Washington Lee University, where she was in charge of finding and fixing hardware and software problems for the entire faculty and staff.


Originally from the East Coast, Maggie Weatherly completed her BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Washington & Lee University. However, it was her curiosity of machine learning and artificial intelligence that led her to pursue a career in Data Science. She studied Applied Machine Learning at Columbia Engineering, then moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, where she graduated with an MS in Data Science. When she’s not busy wearing hats, Maggie is out for walks with her dog Pennie.

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