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Calque works with lenders to help homeowners buy their dream homes—before selling their current home

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Access to Plunk's real-time property data makes this possible.


After experiencing the frustrations of the home purchase process first-hand, the team at Calque re-imagined the process with homeowners' needs in mind. They partner with trusted community banks and lending partners to bring homeowners a new, innovative lending solution called The Trade-In Mortgage™. They empower homeowners to use the equity they have in their current home to buy and move into their next home before they sell, giving homeowners more convenience, more confidence, and more freedom throughout the entire process.

Calque provides access to equity in a current home using Plunk's Real-time Home Valuation and Market Insights

Lenders approve loans with confidence, using AI-powered analytics

Homeowners gain the ability to move into a new home without the contingency of selling their current property

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