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Mosaik takes an innovative approach to best-in-class workflow management, customer service, and client retention

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Mosaik is a technology company that has built the "digital sidekick" for real estate agents, teams and brokerages. Mosaik takes an innovative approach to both the agent and client experience, introducing features such as wish-list-driven property search, collaborative transaction rooms and hyper-personalized client retention tools, while also focusing on best-in-class customer service, such as with their white-glove onboarding and 24/7 support for every client. Mosaik’s innovations come together to form an industry operating platform that combines powerful workflow management for agents with a first-of-its-kind client experience engine.

Ability to engage with homeowners from home shopping and acquisition to home management and maintenance

Access to real-time home valuation under Home Search and the Homeowner Dashboard

Streamlines the day-to-day challenges faced by real estate agents

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