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With the integration of Plunk’s local Market Insights into Roomvu’s platform, real estate agents save several hours of market research and video production work per week

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Roomvu is the pioneer in video marketing for agents, generating hyper-local and relevant content for social media, digital ads, and email campaigns. Roomvu leverages AI to generate local news and allow agents to dive deep into local market stats across hundreds of geographical areas. These insights are encapsulated into short one-minute videos, which are branded and customized for the agent. Roomvu has appeared on Inman News, TechCrunch, Forbes, Drastic Summit and Yahoo News, among others.

Roomvu provides an easy-to-use platform to produce marketing videos for agents within minutes

The hyper-local videos are customized to each agent and automatically posted on every agent’s preferred social media channels

Plunk powers a consistent flow of hyper-local and relevant content with real-time market insights

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