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debuts social marketing tools for real estate agents leveraging real-time local market analytics

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SphereBuilder™, a digital marketing platform for real estate agents, and SphereIndex™, a real-time assessment of an agent’s online presence, will help agents measure and build their digital sphere to, ultimately, generate more business. Agents will be able to provide valuable market insights to their digital sphere of influence with just one click—eliminating hours of data gathering and editing. It specifically uses Plunk’s Market Insights™ to access ZIP code-level data. The tool then incorporates that data into a short listing video.

Plunk Market Insights™ eliminates hours of data gathering

Content highlights ZIP code level Days on Market, Median List Price, and more

Easily accessible real-time data via developer APIs

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Real-time home valuation

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Spherebuilder-real-time home valuation
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Local market insights

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Neighborhood expert!

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Informative social content

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