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Home Compare API

Access key home feature comparisons like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and stories—plus finished square footage, year built, and home condition.

Through Home Compare, provide your users with additional insights about their home relative to other properties in the area—specifically how its features stack up against all other homes of the same property type.

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Example web app


Quickly embed the Home Compare display in web applications with Plunk’s pre-built web client example code.

All charts, labels, and layouts are handled for you.

Request the example web app files here >

Follow along with our YouTube video to get the example code up and running on your local machine.

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Common use case

Display on a listing page

the common feature comparisons for a home, relative to its neighborhood.

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Get started

Ready to look at the API resource documentation or get a temporary API key?

Test the API with Postman

Obtain home comparisons for a specific property using Postman to test the Home Compare API in five minutes or less. To get started, simply fork the desired collection and follow the steps below.


Depending on what data you already have for a property, click on the appropriate “Run in Postman” button to fork a collection and test.

Get Plunk Home Compare with Address String

Get Plunk Home Compare with FIPS + APN values


Once forked into your Postman workspace, update the initial and current values for the “apikey” collection variable with your API key.


Now click “Run Collection.” Make sure to check “Persist response for a session” to ensure your response is saved for future reference.

Once your request has completed, you can view the response by simply clicking on the relevant request.

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