Plunk Home Value™ API

Access the real-time estimated value of just about any home in the US, including single-family, townhomes, condominiums, and duplexes. 

Empower your users with full knowledge of a home's current value, as well as how quickly that value is changing—by embedding the Plunk Home Value into your website and/or app.

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Example web client

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Quickly embed the Plunk Home Value display in web applications with Plunk’s pre-built web client example code.

Configure the Plunk Home Value to "tick" dynamically—like a stock ticker—or to statically render the latest value.

Web client can be configured to statically display the latest Home Value

Common use case

Display the real-time, estimated value of a home on a real estate listing page.

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Get started

Ready to look at the API resource documentation or get a temporary API key?