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Plunk and Xome® join forces to offer AI-powered real estate valuation and predictive remodel analytics

Leading auction website provides real estate investors with advanced tools to analyze the remodel potential of listed properties 


BELLEVUE, WASH. – August 23, 2023 – Plunk, the world's first AI-powered analytics platform for residential real estate, announced it has partnered with Xome, a robust online real estate marketplace, to offer property investors AI-driven home remodel analysis.


“Plunk enables investors to make more fully-informed, confident decisions,” said Brian Lent, Co-founder and CEO of Plunk. “Xome is already one of the world’s largest home search and investment property resources, and now investors have access to the best search, valuation and renovation analysis tools — all on one website.”


Real estate investors searching for an auction property on will now be able to analyze single family homes in greater detail leveraging the Plunk Remodel ValueTM tool which offers insights on the expected valuation of properties after a full-scale renovation. Buyers can also view Project Recommendations, which highlight the remodeling projects that would add the most value to a specific property.

“Xome is committed to providing an informative and seamless homebuying experience, and we are excited to offer even more innovative solutions and financial insights to property investors looking for the highest returns on their real estate investments,” said Mike Rawls, CEO of Xome. “With these new tools, Xome clients can examine a variety of potential scenarios as they consider both the costs and value impacts of full rehab or smaller home improvement projects.”


The first phase of these new tools is now available on, with expanded coverage and enhancements already in the works. For more information, visit


About Plunk

Plunk is the first AI-powered, real-time home analytics platform leveraging next generation applications of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and image analysis to revolutionize the way homeowners, real estate professionals and investors value and invest in residential real estate. For more information, please visit


About Xome

Xome Holdings LLC is a premier asset management company with a best-in-class auction platform, providing mortgage servicers, end-to-end asset marketing and disposition strategies, recapture solutions and real estate and data services. Based in Dallas, Texas, Xome is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Mr. Cooper Group Inc. (NASDAQ: COOP). For more information, please visit

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