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Plunk partners with award-winning marketing platforms to deliver AI-powered analytics across multiple digital channels

Union Street Media and Realforce join Plunk's growing list of partners to deliver real-time housing market insights to target audiences 


BELLEVUE, WASH. – September 26, 2023 – Plunk, the world's first AI-powered analytics platform for residential real estate, announced a partnership with two of the real estate industry’s top marketing platforms. Union Street Media is the leader in omnichannel marketing, providing integrated campaigns across web, mobile, voice, search engine optimization and social media. Realforce (previously Adfenix) is modernizing the marketing infrastructure by streamlining the martech stack for real estate teams.


“We believe that AI-powered, real-time data and analytics will become the industry standard within the next five years,” predicted Ted Adler, a marketing visionary and Founder of Union Street Media. “With Plunk, we’re getting ahead of that adoption curve and delivering home valuation, remodeling analytics and market insights to our target audiences across every digital medium — right now.”


The housing market is in constant flux and Plunk’s AI-powered home analytics platform is transforming the speed at which buying and selling decisions are made, by offering up-to-the-second insights into home valuation, risk assessment and remodeling possibilities. These partnerships set a precedent for greater access to real-time data in an industry that has historically experienced challenges with providing timely and accurate data. It also sets a new bar for more efficient delivery of relevant data to current and potential customers.


“Through this strategic partnership with Plunk, we aim to address a longstanding challenge in the real estate industry: the generation of high-quality leads with a measurable and positive return on investment,” added Philip Hegge, US Director, Realforce. “Not only does this enhance the consumer experience, but it also simultaneously delivers top-tier leads that drive business for brokerages and agents.”


To gain access to Union Street Media’s marketing channels: To learn more about Realforce’s streamlined marketing solutions: To get sample code for Plunk’s AI-powered APIs:


About Plunk

Plunk is bringing advanced analytics and unique data to residential real estate for more confident investing in the largest asset class in the world. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, computer vision and deep learning, Plunk delivers real-time insights into home valuation, risk assessment and remodeling analysis through its SaaS platform. For more information, visit


About Union Street Media

Union Street Media is the first real estate marketing company to leverage the power of omnichannel marketing, driving success for real estate professionals for nearly three decades. With an unwavering focus on innovation and customer service, Union Street Media provides tailored solutions that seamlessly blend technology with creativity. For more information, visit


About Realforce

Realforce (previously Adfenix) is the top platform for Marketing Automation in the real estate industry. Globally, Realforce works with over 350 brands, including some of the biggest names in the field. Its automated solutions are designed to streamline marketing programs, boost brand impact and aid in the success of agents. For more information, visit

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