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Plunk taps Joe Dahleen to deliver AI-powered analytics to mortgage lending platforms

Real-time home analytics innovator appoints seasoned advisor to introduce risk assessment and remodel analysis tools to banking industry 


BELLEVUE, Wash. – October 10, 2023 – Plunkthe world's first AI-powered analytics platform for residential real estate, announced announced the appointment of Joe Dahleen as an advisor to the mortgage lending division. Joe Dahleen is a 30-year veteran of the mortgage sector who specializes in executive management and strategic marketing.


“With Joe's unparalleled expertise and guidance, Plunk is poised to unlock new lending solutions through AI-powered home valuation, risk assessment and remodeling analytics,” remarked David Bluhm, Plunk Co-founder and President. “For example, a Home Renovation Loan powered by Plunk Remodel Value™ will become an important consumer option as homes in America continue to age and homeowners choose to stay in their homes longer.”


As a seasoned mortgage lending professional at Elevation Home Loans, FirstClose, MortgageHippo, Primary Capital Mortgage, Talis Lending, Taxdoor and as an advisor to Zillow’s Mortgage Marketplace, Joe has worked on secondary marketing, loan production and quality control procedures — including automated origination and compliance, e-signatures and e-vendor management, preemptive quality control and post-closing management. He also has experience in appraisal management portals, digital vaulting, private label and cloud-based business models.


“Access to accurate, real-time analytics helps us serve our customers faster and Plunk is at the forefront of providing what real estate needs right now,” commented Jeremy Foster, Calque Founder and CEO. Calque announced its partnership with Plunk earlier this year, after launching a new program called The Trade-In Mortgage™ which enables homeowners to use the equity in their current homes to buy their next home.


To gain access to Plunk Remodel Value and additional real-time home analytics, visit


About Plunk

Plunk is bringing advanced analytics and unique data to residential real estate for more confident investing in the largest asset class in the world. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, computer vision and deep learning, Plunk delivers real-time insights into home valuation, risk assessment and remodeling analysis through its SaaS platform. For more information, visit


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