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Plunk powers proptech disruptors with real-time housing market insights

AI-driven home analytics platform unlocks growth opportunities for Calque, DropOffer, and SphereBuilder 


BELLEVUE, Wash. – February 15, 2023 – Plunk, the first real-time analytics platform for residential real estate, recently announced a partnership with Calque, DropOffer and SphereBuilder™—three emerging companies who are uniquely positioned to transform the residential real estate industry with their breakthrough innovations for mortgage lending, housing inventory, and influencer marketing. 


“Access to accurate, real-time analytics helps us serve our customers faster and Plunk is at the forefront of providing what real estate needs right now,” commented Jeremy Foster, CEO and Founder of Calque.  


Each partner will be utilizing Plunk’s Real-time Market Insights™ as they bring their latest innovations to market: 


  • Calque has pioneered a program called The Trade-In Mortgage™ which enables homeowners to use the equity in their current homes to buy their next home. 

  • DropOffer is expanding home inventory options by developing a system which allows real estate agents and their clients to submit offers on unlisted properties and essentially turn the off-market on. 

  • Launching in March, SphereBuilder™, a digital marketing platform for real estate agents and SphereIndex™, a real-time assessment of an agent’s online presence, will help agents measure and build their digital sphere to, ultimately, generate more business. 


Historically, real estate data and market insights have been limited by a dependence on old data and out-of-date approaches. Other forms of investment have real-time data available at many different levels of aggregation. The stock market, for example, is updated by the second with an abundance of performance data immediately available to investors. This comparative information deficit has been a major barrier toward building innovative solutions for the entire real estate ecosystem. 


“Now more than ever, timely and relevant financial advice cuts through the real estate marketing noise,” remarked Russ Cofano, CEO of Collabra Technology, which operates SphereBuilder. “We help agents grow their digital presence, and increase their local market influence, by equipping them with real-time data focused on the neighborhoods they specialize in.” 


“We give buyers access to the home they truly want while providing homeowners and agents a new avenue to sell properties,” said Greg Burns, CEO and Founder of DropOffer. “And by providing more accurate market and value guidance, our clients can make decisions on their greatest investment with confidence.” 

About Plunk 

Plunk is an advanced analytics company revolutionizing the way homeowners, home experts and investors value and invest in residential real estate — through the next-generation application of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and image analysis.  

Ready to unlock your company's growth potential with AI-powered,

real-time analytics? 

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