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Plunk partners with to power the next-generation home valuation platform

Plunk's new Dynamic Valuation Model™ will leverage's advanced image analysis capabilities 


Bellevue, WA – November 10, 2021 – Plunk, the company bringing advanced analytics to residential real estate, today announced a partnership with, one of the industry leaders in advanced image analysis. will analyze, score, and tag over 400 million images from over 53 million homes in the US and will be used by Plunk’s new AI-driven Dynamic Valuation Model™.  


Plunk’s new Dynamic Valuation Model analyzes nearly every home in America and tracks its changing value in real time. Pictures of the home—either available through public property records or simply uploaded from a phone—update the information about the home’s current features, finish quality, and overall condition towards providing much greater accuracy. 


“’s capabilities are the best in the industry,” said Brian Lent, Plunk co-founder and CEO. “Given the important role that a home plays towards individual wealth building—and the role housing plays in our national economy—this might be the most innovative and important integration of AI, machine learning, and image analysis thus far.” 


Residential real estate is the world’s largest asset class—worth over $43 trillion in the US alone. However, much of the public records information about homes is either outdated or incorrect, causing a home’s valuations to be inaccurate. This has been a source of both confusion for homeowners as well as a growing frustration across the residential real estate industry. Plunk provides REALTORS® with the analytic tools to be precise and provide their homeowner clients with accurate, trusted guidance on their home’s value. 


“A real estate professional can learn a wealth of information by looking at a property’s photos, but many of these valuable insights are unavailable at scale or through standard property datasets,” commented Nathan Brannen,’s chief product officer. “Leveraging the details hidden in photos, Plunk allows REALTORS® to create customized, market-specific, and highly accurate valuations in a matter of seconds.” 


Plunk’s Dynamic Valuation Model currently supports the greater Seattle market and is scheduled to launch nationally in Q1 2022. Sign up for early access at  

About Plunk 

Plunk is an advanced data science and mobile technology company leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and image analysis to empower REALTORS® and residential real estate professionals to be authorities on home value—turning agents into trusted financial advisors. Plunk’s new Dynamic Valuation Model™ allows REALTORS® to deliver accurate valuations in real-time which reflect a home’s updates, condition, and finish grades, as well as provide their clients with expert guidance on both the costs and value impact of remodeling and renovating. For more information, visit


About is the leading image recognition solution for real estate. Their AI-powered solutions analyze property imagery to unlock real estate specific insights at the image, listing, and market-level. Imagine having a real estate expert analyze each of the 1 million property photos uploaded every day… Well, now you can. Learn more at  



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