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Plunk launches developer portal to acclerate industry adoption of real-time home valuation tools

Thousands of home listings already enhanced with real-time home values and market insights within first months of going live 


BELLEVUE, Wash. – January 18, 2023 – Plunk, the first real-time analytics platform for residential real estate, recently launched a self-service developer portal in order to provide customers with a simple and accessible way to explore, on-board, and test live environments using its Application Programming Interface (API) offerings. 


Given the new, more challenging housing market — due to limited inventory, lower affordability, and rising interest rates — housing data that is 30-90 days old can often act as misinformation. Plunk’s analytics deliver a clear, accurate view of even the most rapidly changing markets. Towards that end, Plunk’s new APIs help developers more easily create real-time digital access to the most current housing data, which has also historically been expensive, hard to access, and difficult to integrate. 


“Plunk’s analytics provide buyers, sellers, investors, and agents with an edge,” commented David Bluhm, Plunk Co-founder and President. “It makes them authorities on home values, as well as their local market, as they fluctuate in real time.” 


Within the first few months, Plunk has already serviced millions of API calls originating from its Lighthouse Program partners. This is first-of-its-kind access to advanced, real-time property and market analytics, including: 


  • Plunk Home Value™ API — provides an up-to-the-minute estimated value for over 104 million homes nationwide  

  • Plunk Market Insights™ API — a suite of key performance metrics that track and capture local, regional, and overall market performance 


APIs are a foundational technology for building and connecting applications and providing access to automated data. They help developers easily build digital experiences for end-users instead of building them from scratch. This allows real estate professionals to better adapt to the demands of both a fast-changing market and to their customers more quickly. 


"Plunk is taking real estate data to a whole new level of accessibility. We've been able to easily incorporate Plunk's real-time analytics into our agent websites through developer APIs," said James Call, RealtyCandy Founder and IDX Broker developer.  


To learn more about Plunk’s developer tools and real-time real estate APIs, visit


About Plunk 

Plunk is an advanced analytics company revolutionizing the way homeowners, home experts, and investors value and invest in residential real estate — through the next-generation application of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and image analysis.

Ready to unlock your company's growth potential with AI-powered,

real-time analytics? 

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