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Plunk supercharges Mosaik’s “Digital Sidekick” for agents and Roomvu’s lead gen videos with AI-powered analytics

Branded social videos and a new transaction platform for agents get a data boost with Plunk’s real-time home valuation and local market 


BELLEVUE, WASH. – May 30, 2023 – Plunk, the world's first and only AI-powered, real-time analytics platform for residential real estate, has announced its partnership with two emerging technology companies solving operational and marketing challenges. Mosaik is launching a comprehensive platform for agents — spanning search, transactions and client retention. Roomvu is building game-changing digital content solutions for agents. 


“Real estate agents need help, especially in this difficult market,” stated Brian Lent, CEO and Co-founder of Plunk. “Roomvu delivers leads and Mosaik streamlines productivity — two of the industry’s most critical needs right now,” he added.


Mosaik has built a first-of-its-kind workflow management and client experience platform to help agents manage a client from curated home search and transaction management to client retention and analytics. “When we designed Mosaik, we wanted to ensure there was a way for agents and clients to stay authentically connected before and after the transaction. To us, this meant delivering personalized value and insights to clients throughout their homeownership journey and empowering agents to deliver that personalization at scale,” remarked Sheila Reddy, CEO and Founder of Mosaik. “Plunk’s real-time valuation and predictive analytics will help us push this vision forward by empowering agents to deliver meaningful and useful home valuation data to their clients with relative ease,” she added.


A recent report stated that 90% of agents use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to promote their listings and local expertise. “Everyone knows the power of social media, yet the hardest thing to do consistently and efficiently is to create meaningful content. Our partnership with Plunk allows important and relevant data to be visualized and broadcast out within minutes," commented Sam Mehrbod, CEO and Founder of Roomvu. “This partnership is also very dear to us since we are both part of the Second Century REACH Accelerator (NAR’s Investment arm) program," he added.


With the integration of Plunk’s AI-powered analytics into Mosaik and Roomvu’s platforms, real estate agents save several hours of operational and marketing work per day. Learn more about Plunk’s new partners at


About Plunk

Plunk is the first AI-powered, real-time home analytics platform leveraging next generation applications of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and image analysis to revolutionize the way homeowners, real estate professionals and investors value and invest in residential real estate.


About Mosaik

Mosaik is a technology company that has built the "digital sidekick" for real estate agents, teams and brokerages. Mosaik takes an innovative approach to both the agent and client experience, introducing features such as wish list-driven property search, collaborative transaction rooms and hyper-personalized client retention tools, while also focusing on best-in-class customer service, such as with their white-glove onboarding and 24/7 support for every client. Mosaik’s innovations come together to form an industry operating platform that combines powerful workflow management for agents with a first-of-its-kind client experience engine. 


About Roomvu

Roomvu is the pioneer in video marketing for agents, generating hyper-local and relevant content for social media, digital ads and email campaigns. Roomvu leverages AI to generate local news and allow agents to dive deep into local market stats across hundreds of geographical areas. These insights are encapsulated into short, one-minute videos, which are branded and customized for the agent. Roomvu has appeared on Inman News, TechCrunch, Forbes, Drastic Summit and Yahoo News, among others.


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